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World Coin State Replication API reference

This page contains technical resources related to the World ID State Replication.

Identity relayer

This service replicates identity states on demand. It should be called before submitting proof on the destination chain.

For the full implementation, see our GitHub repository. For more information about API, see Identity transfers.

Relayer endpoints

To perform state publishing, you can execute POST /integrations/relayer/state/relay request with the following body:

"chain": "Avalanche",
"hash": "0x212bc6f8194aa63eee97b0566b7cd65c66bb57cc4936c11e611f1042bb0b7118",
"waitConfirm": true
  • "chain": "chain_name" - chain, to which the state will be relayed;
  • "hash": "0x..." - hash of the state to relay. Same as on the state contract in 0x... hex format;
  • "waitConfirm": true indicates whether the request should wait until the transaction is included in the block (false by default);

The response codes:

  • 200 - successful relay, body contains tx hash;
  • 404 - the state is not transferred yet; try to repeat the request later;
  • 400 - state has been relayed before;