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Passport-enabled airdrops

Problem statement

Token airdrops are a popular method for launching new crypto projects. However, they often face challenges like abuse by bots or Sybil accounts. Additionally, legal requirements such as citizenship and age verification can be a hurdle. While centralized KYC providers can address these issues, they contradict the decentralized nature of the Web3 space.

Rarimo stands out with its unique privacy-preserving proof of passport solution. It harnesses the power of biometric passports and zero-knowledge proofs to provide robust airdrop protection.

Proof of Passport allows airdrop organizers to:

  • Verify personhood using Proof of Passport Validity
  • Prevent sybil airdrop farming by using Proof of Uniqueness
  • Restrict access for risky countries using Proof of Citizenship
  • Set minimum age requirements using Proof of Age

How it works

  1. The user learns about the eligibility criteria and accepts the terms and conditions.
  2. The user connects a wallet
  3. The user is prompted to claim the rewards.
  4. After clicking the Claim button, the user is asked to download the RariMe App.
  5. The user scans a biometric passport in the app using NFC. Note that the personal data isn't shared with any third parties and remains confidential.
  6. The user is asked to generate a zero-knowledge proof of passport validity. Additionally, the proof may contain citizenship and age checks. For example, airdrops may be denied to US citizens for legal reasons.
  7. After providing the proof, the user can claim the rewards.