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Freedom Tool

Online voting systems are the most accessible way for people to participate in democracy, especially for those living under oppressive regimes. However, they typically lack transparency and are prone to Sybil and cyber attacks.

Rarimo has employed zero-knowledge cryptography to address these challenges and built Freedom Tool, a decentralized, transparent, and privacy-preserving online voting tool on blockchain.

How it works

Here are the main components of the Freedom Tool:

  • Mobile apps: The Freedom Tool provides mobile apps for Android and iOS that voters can use to participate in the voting process. These apps are easy to use and accessible to everyone.
  • Biometric passports: Voters use their biometric passports to prove their identity. The mobile app scans the passport and extracts the relevant information, such as the voter's citizenship and date of birth.
  • Zero-knowledge proofs: The Freedom Tool uses zero-knowledge proofs to verify the validity of the biometric passport without exposing personal data, ensuring that the voting process is private and secure.
  • Smart contracts: The Freedom Tool uses smart contracts to handle the voting process. These contracts verify the zero-knowledge proofs and ensure the voting process is fair and reliable.


  • Privacy-preserving: The Freedom Tool uses zero-knowledge proofs to verify the validity of biometric passports without exposing personal data.
  • Transparent: On-chain vote records and cryptography ensure the system's integrity.
  • Accessible: The Freedom Tool is designed to be accessible, making it easy for everyone. It is enough to have a smartphone and a biometric passport to participate in voting.
  • Secure: The Freedom Tool relies on proven cryptographic mechanisms and was audited by independent cybersecurity specialists.
  • Open-source: The Freedom Tool is open-source, meaning anyone can inspect the code and contribute to its development.

Use cases

The Freedom Tool and its components can be used for a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Local elections
  • Polls
  • Paid surveys
  • NGO board elections
  • Robust anti-sybil solutions based on proof of passport


Amid rigged 2024 Russian presidential election, core Freedom Tool contributors have teamed up with a prominent Russian opposition figure, Mark Feygin, to offer a fair and democratic alternative to the people.

During his announcement broadcast, Feygin presented the Russia2024 app and highlighted that its ultimate goal is to 'create parallel government structures that take responsibility for implementing policies of democracy, freedom, and peace in Russia. The app gained more than 15,000 downloads in a single day.

Want to know more?

Read the Freedom Tool whitepaper to learn more.