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RariMe Identity Wallet

RariMe is a self-sovereign wallet that lives in your MetaMask. It allows users to store, manage, and disclose credentials in a privacy-preserving way.

Key features:

  • Supports W3C DID Verifiable Credentials
  • Familiar Web3 UX in your web browser
  • Integrated with your MetaMask account, no additional passwords or private keys are needed
  • Secure, selective disclosure of personal data using zero-knowledge proofs

RariMe Snap

RariMe Snap is an extension for MetaMask. DApps can interact with the snap via the JS library to issue Rarimo credentials or request zero-knowledge proofs for user identity verification.

The snap has been independently audited by Halborn and doesn't have access to your private keys or assets.

RariMe App

RariMe App is a dashboard that provides identity management tools and more.