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Base Layer

The crypto community strongly believes in a multichain future where each project brings its unique perspective and value proposition. However, this diversity introduces a plethora of interoperability, security, fragmentation, and other challenges. To address these issues, the Rarimo Base Layer has been developed, serving as the base layer for decentralized interchain applications.

Design principles


The interchain layer must be as decentralized as the chains it connects, not to be the point of centralization. The system comprises a network of dozens of independent validators and oracles. Oracles observe events in the outer world in a trustless way, and Validators collaborate to achieve secure consensus on the order of events.


The protocol provides a general messaging protocol foundation for cross-chain use cases. Users can implement their own sub-protocols and submit them via the proposals mechanism. Rarimo offers ready-to-use identity sub-protocol.

Additionally, Rarimo Core supports EVM-compatible smart contracts for greater flexibility.

Scalable security

Rarimo employs TSS (Threshold Signature Scheme) to sign the outputs of the protocol. With TSS, the signature size doesn't depend on the number of signers (validator nodes) and remains constant. Thus, the pool of validators can be scaled while keeping fees at the destination chains at a low, fixed rate.

Instant finality

Every step in the cross-chain path adds an extra delay. The protocol uses the proven Tendermint consensus mechanism with instant finality to minimize this overhead. It only takes an extra few seconds to ensure the protocol's security.