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Managing events' creation requires some special logic for every chain that will observe blockchain state for new events, parse in accordance with chain rules, etc. Rarimo core can not fetch events data by itself because interaction with other systems can not be deterministic. So there should be custom software for observing blockchain state and transferring events from source chain to Rarimo core. That is why we’ve created Oracles.

Rarimo oracles are built to provide everyone an opportunity to deliver and validate cross-chain messages. We believe that architecture constructed on worldwide open and transparent oracles brings the real decentralization into any cross-chain protocol.

In Rarimo oracle’s goal is to observe blockchains state for new events, deliver such events into the Rarimo core and verify events delivered from other oracles. In particular oracles should observe new token deposits, create transfer operations, submit them into the core and vote for correctness of submitted operations.

The oracle services designed to be launched by anyone in two supported modes:

  • saver (connects to the chain rpc and submits new transfer operations to the Rarimo core)
  • voter (fetches new operations from core, verifies the content and votes for its correctness)