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Proof of Humanity subgraph reference

Subgraph indexes the verified users from the SBTIdentityVerifier contract and serves the data via a GraphQL API.


GraphQL endpoints:


The subgraph contains the following entity:

type User @entity {
id: ID!
senderAddr: Bytes!
tokenAddr: Bytes!
tokenID: BigInt!
transactionHash: Bytes!

Use the following query (you should provide the sender address):

query info($address: String!) {
users(where: { senderAddr: $address }) {

A non-empty response like this indicates that the user is verified:

"users": [
"id": ":"19643409028078272448762374992644569744201332795590556384983511405206634497"

Data source

The subgraph ingests the following events:

event SBTIdentityProved(
uint256 indexed identityId,
address senderAddr,
address tokenAddr,
uint256 tokenID
  • identityID - identity identifier
  • senderAddr - sender (of the transaction) address
  • tokenAddr - address of the Souldbound token
  • tokenID - ID of the token that was issued to the user after he passed identity verification

The subgraph stores the same information plus the transaction hash.