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RariMe interoperability with external credentials

RariMe is open to interoperability with non-Rarimo credentials. Identity providers may enjoy such benefits as:

  • Familiar web3 UX thanks to the MetaMask integration
  • 150,000+ snap downloads and active discord community
  • RariMe App for managing credentials and more
  • Selective disclosure



Support of external credentials is a work in progress. Reach out to us in Discord to discuss the integration options.

Issuer side

We offer two ways of adding credentials to RariMe:

  • By calling the RariMe snap API via a js library in the issuer's web app
  • By scanning a QR code with a credential in RariMe App and importing it

Verifier side

Options for verification depend on the type of signatures used in your credentials.

Limited support for zero-knowledge proofs can be implemented for Polygon ID-compatible credentials with the BabyJubJub signature. These ZKPs can be verified both on-chain and off-chain using the iden3 libraries.

For verifiable credentials with ECDSA and other types of signature, we can offer the following:

  • Sharing raw credentials (off-chain usage only, not recommended)
  • Merkle proofs for disclosing specific fields of the credential (off-chain, limited usage on-chain)