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Rarimo Identity Protocol

Problem statement

Decentralized identity is a crucial building block for Web 3 applications such as social graphs, games, regulation-compliant DeFi, and many more. Moving on from centralized solutions like OAuth, the crypto community has come up with several solutions:

  • Wallet Addresses
  • Soulbound Tokens (SBT)
  • Ethereum Name Services (ENS) & similar solutions
  • Self-Sovereign Identity(SSI) Protocols

However, they share some limitations:

  • Identity fragmentation across chains. DApps can verify their blockchain identity only on the chain where it was issued
  • Integration friction. There's no structured way for DApp developers to interact with different issuers and identity components
  • Privacy concerns. SBTs and ENS-like services reveal all the data on-chain, which may be a critical issue for some sensitive identity data. Only protocols that incorporate Zero-Knowledge proofs properly address this issue

The Rarimo Identity Protocol builds upon the base interchain layer to address these challenges.


Own your identity

The Protocol implements the W3C DID Self-Sovereign Identity standard, meaning all credentials stay on the user's device, and no third party can access them.

Keep privacy with zero-knowledge proofs

Zero-knowledge proofs enable privacy, preserving selective disclosure of identity aspects. DApps can verify specific attributes of user identity on-chain without compromising the sensitive data. For example, users can prove they're over 21 without revealing their age. The security is ensured by the proven Iden3 Protocol.

Use your blockchain identity anywhere

Rarimo's cross-chain messaging base layer ensures that all the metadata necessary for verifying zero-knowledge proofs is available on demand on any supported chains. A synergy of instant consensus finality and threshold signature(TSS) makes metadata replication fast, secure, and cheap.

Enjoy seamless UX with RariMe

Self sovereign identity is an overwhelming paradigm shift for the users. RariMe has been developed to ensure a smooth transition. RariMe lives in the user's MetaMask and securely stores all user credentials. It brings a familiar and consistent user experience to all the DApps using the identity protocol.

Become an identity provider

The Rarimo Identity Protocol doesn't gatekeep the credential issuance and instead embraces the Triangle of Trust between the issuer, holder, and verifier. Any party can join and issue its own credentials. Any verifier can accept these credentials if they trust the issuer.

Integrate identity in your DApp

The Protocol provides a structured and straightforward way to integrate identity verification in a DApp using a template smart contract and a flexible zero-knowledge query language.